Diana Wood is the President of Kangen Pharmaceuticals, Co. Ltd., as well as CEO of Kangen Pharmaceuticals America, LLC. Diana has over 35 years of global experience in the development of pharmaceuticals, biologics and devices, with a specialization in treatments for rare diseases. Diana has spent the last 25 years working as an early employee of 8 various start-up companies successfully acquiring capital to complete development, that were eventually acquired. Diana is an accomplished author, lecturer and patent holder. Diana was previously the CEO of KC Specialty Therapeutics, LLC and the VP, Corporate Development for Stason Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Aidan Nuttall Ph.D. is the Executive Vice President, Development for Kangen Pharmaceuticals America, LLC. Dr. Nuttall has over 35 years of pharmaceutical development with expertise in the oversight of preclinical and clinical evaluations. Previously, Dr. Nuttall held senior positions in pharma, biotech and CRO companies in the United States and Europe, working across a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas. Aidan was previously the Executive VP, Development for KC Specialty Therapeutics, LLC.

Janet Nuttall, M.P.H, is the Vice President, Clinical Operations, and has over 30 years experience in clinical drug development with extensive expertise in the development, planning and execution of clinical trials in Phases I - IV. In addition, her experience includes an emphasis on orphan drug development and other difficult indications in the field of oncology, neurology and many others. She has been involved in over 450 clinical trials in the US and 64 countries globally.